A Latte Studying

A Latte Studying

Let’s face it, starting the workweek after a long holiday weekend is difficult, why not make your workspace more enjoyable? Today I had a chance to take a break from my workload and so I took this opportunity to force myself to study for a license required by my profession. Since it’s such a beautiful day out, I decided that I couldn’t lock myself in my room, I ventured down to the local coffee shop on the Main Street to enjoy an iced coffee while I studied. I found that by removing myself from my house, I was more focused on actually listening to the lectures and less focused on the distractions at home. The character of the coffee shop also made for an exciting atmosphere. There was a plethora of different clientele and each one had their own story, whether they were on a coffee break from the salon upstairs or just finished a lengthy bike ride, the shop was filled with life. At one point a small bird flew into the shop and the shop owner opened up one of the building’s long windows letting in a cool, refreshing breeze. The hours spent in that coffee shop were the most productive I’ve been in months. Evidently, I am unable to concentrate in a quiet space, and need constant background noise.  If any of you find that you are having trouble focusing at home, whether you are studying for a certification or working from home, I recommend going to your local coffee shop.


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