Saturday To Do: Running Errands


Time for the weekend! Perfect for hanging out with friends and heading down to the beach, right? Right, but…first you should probably run to the store for some necessities like toothpaste (i don’t think rolling the tube any further will work). As many of us barely have the time (nor the energy) to run errands at the end of the workday, we revert to saving our to-do list for the weekend. So when it comes down to actually venturing out to the store, it can be challenging to fight off the urge to wear our sluggish sweatpants and bleached-stained tee. Take the extra ten minutes and make the effort to run those errands in casual style. Who knows? You may run into a friend or colleague. Check out my simple, casual outfit inspiration for a weekend of errands (and some fun after, of course).

Sunglasses | Top | Handbag | Rings | Shorts | Sandals

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